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Creepy Dolls

Creepy Dolls

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Size: 20x20mm

At first glance, the Creepy Dolls appear as nothing more than relics of forgotten childhoods or quaint decorations. However, their outward charm hides a dark secret, for these dolls are animated by a malevolent force, and their porcelain faces can contort into eerie, lifeless grins or expressions of malevolence when they strike.

These small, murderous dolls move with eerie grace and unnatural agility. Their movements are characterized by unnerving precision and fluidity, as if they were guided by a sinister puppeteer. When they attack, they do so with ruthless determination, their tiny hands concealing surprisingly sharp blades or tiny, twisted instruments of harm. The Creepy Dolls possess an uncanny ability to coordinate their actions, swarming their victims like a pack of relentless predators.

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