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Burlap Monstrosity

Burlap Monstrosity

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SIZE: Huge 80mm

The Burlap Monstrosity stands as a towering behemoth, its immense size dwarfing all who dare to confront it. Its burlap "skin" is stitched together with heavy, uneven seams, as though it were crudely assembled by some malevolent force. The texture of its body is rough and frayed, giving it an unsettling and nightmarish quality.

Despite its grotesque visage, the Burlap Monstrosity possesses an eerie semblance of humanoid features. Two hollow, soulless eye sockets peer out from beneath a tattered hood of burlap, exuding an unsettling emptiness. Jagged stitches form a crude approximation of a gaping maw, within which rows of sharp, uneven "teeth" protrude menacingly.

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