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Burlap Minions

Burlap Minions

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Size: 20x20mm

The Burlap Minion stands at a moderate height, its form vaguely resembling that of a person, albeit with exaggerated proportions. Its burlap "skin" is a patchwork of earthy tones, and the stitches that hold it together are a chaotic web of thick, twine-like threads. Large, button-like eyes are sewn onto its face, and they seem to radiate a faint, otherworldly glow.

Despite its seemingly lifeless composition, the Burlap Minion moves with an eerie and uncanny grace. Its limbs articulate in a jerky, puppet-like fashion, as if pulled by invisible strings. This unnatural movement, combined with its unsettling appearance, often leaves onlookers with a sense of unease.

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